Bully-ve In Yourself by author Julie Fragnito

Bully-ve In Yourself

Written by author : Julie Fragnito


Julie Fragnito is no ordinary math and physics teacher. She is a graduate of Fordham University with a strong passion for writing meaningful children’s books. Julie’s newest book “Bully-ve In Yourself” teaches young readers about social emotional intelligence when managing friendships and relationships.




What is the meaning behind Bully-ve In Yourself?

Bully-ve In Yourself is a tale of two stories. This book shows two different perspectives on a specific situation. It has to do with social emotional intelligence and seeing different points of view.


What do you hope children get out of this read?

I hope for Bully-ve In Yourself to spark conversations at home about how there are always different sides of a story. It is important to be open-minded in life and not be so quick to judge or form opinions. This book can act as a lesson to not only younger children, but act as a reminder to parents too that judgement should never be a first instinct.


What age group is this book centered toward?

Typically this book is for children of the ages 5-10 between grades 1-4th which translates to a reading level of 5 & 6.


What inspired you to write this book?

When I had my daughter I was determined to find ways to become a better person. I believe people should reflect on their actions and be open-minded, which is what my book is all about.


Is there another book in the works?

Yes! My next book is set to launch around October. This book will be focused on self-managment and anxiety. It will be another tale of two stories theme, but the ending will be very different in the sense that it is more solution oriented--That’s all I can say for now! Stay Tuned!


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