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It's The Little Luxuries

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Our Promise

Parents one of the most important people in a childs life. Some parenting even comes from other very special caregivers in their lives. From birth, our little luxuries rely on us to give them a happy, healthy, great environment to grow into. All of which are equally important to me. And building a foundation on mental, and physical health and development.

We are being reinvented in this new world of ours. COVID-19 pandemic, economic depression, and the movement for racial justice will forever change how we now live.

Reinventing myself was scary, coming from an amazing career. However, with support from family, friends and my mentor I felt like i could push through the fears and invest in myself.

With that I decided I wanted to create a community of minialist with a vintage flare. A community where our children are comfortable in their little adventures while exploring the world. A community where chicness doesn`t disprupt their wild- hearts. However, most of all a community where they are safe. With that we partnered up with Shopping Gives and quarterly we will be partnering up with a nonprofit that always put all our children first. So far we have teamed up with Shared Hope and St. Judes.

Shared Hope International

About Willows Cove Online

Currently we will be exclusively selling in small batches. However, please stay tuned for new arrivals as they come in monthly.