Important Things To Know About Microblading! Interview With Stephanie Kaufman

This eyebrow artist is that plus more. Stephanie's artistry, professionalism, and charismatic way with her client has Stephanie booked out until March of 2022 already. But we were so lucky to be able to have a Q and A with her to help everyone understand a little more about microblading and its benefits. After sculpting many clients eyebrows, so many of us know the torture of growing out our eyebrows, it sparked her interest into going into the world of permanent makeup. And start a new venture that she has more than excelled at. She has done so being 4x certified in microblading artistry and 2x powder brow artistry. As well as adding more to her repertoire like eyeliner, lip blush, brow lamination. She believes in staying on top of current trends to provide her clients with the most innovative services to achieve their cosmetic goals. 


1) What is the difference between microblading and traditional tattooing eyebrows?

-Microblading is a manual technique that creates hairstrokes. The pigment is implanted into the basal layer of the skin whereas traditional tattoos are done by machine, it is a more heavy and saturated look and the pigment is put into the dermal layer which is more permanent. Whereas microbladed strokes fade over time and require a touch up every couple of years.

2) What are the different type of techniques that you offer?

-Microblading , powder brows and a combination of the 2 techniques called a combo brow also known as microshading.
Microblading as strokes that mimic hair.
Powder Brows are done with a pmu device. A single needle creates pixels & by layering the pixels it helps to build a more defined brow look.

3) Can you describe what The procedure of microblading is like?

-Before any microblading or powder brows are done...a quick in person consultation is done with the client to discuss what their desired look is. A mock up is done to give the client an idea of the shape and size that fits their face. Pigment color is also discussed and agreed upon.
Brow mapping and measuring are both done to help create more symmetry between the brows. The last and final thing I do is the actual procedure.
This whole process can take up to 3 hours to complete.

4) How did you get into the career of microblading?

-I used to brow sculpt and wax eyebrows. I fell in love with the idea of transforming people's look with just eyebrows. It helps to shape a person's face & can give a more youthful look.

5) What is the average price for your microblading/do you need a consultation previously?

-Pricing ranges between $700-800. It really all depends on each individual client's needs.
An online questionnaire as well as a phone consultation is required prior to booking an appointment.

6 )How did you get into the career?

-At the time the trend was changing from thin brows to fuller/thicker brows.

I came across microblading over 8 years ago, and decided to get the procedure done to my own brows to see if it was something I could see myself doing as a career. And I immediately fell in love with the technique and the whole permanent makeup community. The idea of waking up, feeling beautiful & minimizing someones daily routine is key.

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Written by 

Karina Mauro

Willows Cove