Tips For Women To Turn Their Passion Into Profit With Ledi Vokshi Marcelino


Running a business takes a lot of effort and constant investment in knowledge and Ledi Vokshi has it all. What better coach than someone who not only has a beautiful heart to share her knowledge and kindness to others but has drive, ambition, consistency, and a will to never give up. 

As the world shifted as did Ledi and her husband Luis Marcelino. Ledi started in the Albanian industry as a singer for years and then retail, brick, and mortar and fell in love with the service industry almost 4 years ago. Her husband is a solutions architect and previously owned an IT company in the Netherlands they both decided to open in which Ledi focused on business development and marketing. When the pandemic hit and the world shifted women wore sicking help on how to manage to work remotely and be able to run a business from home. 

Using her years of experience and knowledge in different industries she build an online program (Power Up business coaching) to help women to get into the digital world and grow their businesses from their own homes. In this training not only do they start with mindset and business foundation but all way to finding the right niche, ideal clients, social media, email marketing all way to sales. 

Seeing what most women needed at the moment was a better system to gain clarity and implement that in a customized way for every client. Her client gets an amazing community of other women and accountability to make sure they succeed. 


1.) How do you juggle being a mom and a career woman? 


I have learned to understand that work-life balance doesn’t exist for me but work-life choices. Juggling between career and motherhood has made me overwhelmed and burnout so I try my best to not juggle. I have learned to understand that work-life balance doesn’t exist for me but work-life choices. I stick to planning out my days/ goals. Strict routine to have both. Does it always work out perfectly NO, but every time I fall of I go back to find a solution to the problem, fix it and retry. 



2.) What are your top 3 tips for social media marketing? 


As business owners we need to understand that social media is a tool so unless you know how to use it, it is going to use you. We need to add value and engage with the people that need us and not show up and constantly sell, sell, sell. When we are ready to show up to have a strategic plan behind every single post and be clear about it.


3.) What are the top 3 ways women can make a profit from going virtual and following their passion? 

Viral doesn’t mean anything these days. Because you went viral with one piece of content doesn’t mean all rest will go viral or that your following will grow. You just need to have a purpose behind every post and stick to it. 

1- Start small even if your follower count is low but start to have a proven method that what you are doing works.

2- Make sure that you have a solution to a problem that you are filling.

3- Do your market research that your passion (purpose) is profitable or demand it.


4.) How do you stay consistent? 


Staying consistent is easy when you have 3 things


1- An accountability partner. You can always get a friend and tell them specifically what your goals are per month. This way if they are not met, they stay on top of you to make sure you achieve them.


2 - A community of women that are there waiting for me too. I show up daily and all value and help women regardless if anyone is watching or not. So, if one day I don’t do that someone always writes to me hey I have a question. So, I know I need to keep on showing because even though I don’t see who is watching. I know I have a community there and it will keep building.


3- Have a strategy. So many days I get the question of I don't know what to post? When to post or what platform is for me? So, I always say do your research and test it out and build a strategy around what works or what doesn't work for your business. If you can't figure it out or if you are trying to reach a goal and save time. Then hire a coach that can help you. A lot of business owners try to wear too many hats in their business and become business operators instead of business owners. The idea is to build a machine that keeps growing so you can have that financial time, freedom, and location. We cant do it all by ourself or it might just take forever. I have tried that and no longer go the long route of keeping hitting potholes to reach my goal. Instead, now I constantly hire other coaches and invest in my knowledge and business to reach my goals faster. Time is very valuable to waste for me trying to figure it out all on my own. 


5.) How do you deal with mom guilt?


Tell yourself you wore a woman before you wore a mom. Mom guilt is one of these things that will never go away. It’s here to stay. It is only up to us to treat it nicely and manage it.

Who wore you before you wore a mom? A lot of times we lose our own identity doing everything for everyone else. We weren’t born just to take care of kids and a household. We wore born to take care of ourselves first so we will be strong enough to take care of our kids and everyone else. Somehow we forget that. We are so busy always finding time for everyone else but none for ourselves.


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