Healthy Cooking With Dani

Healthy Cooking With Dani

The wonderful Dani is the founder of DaniMade Kitchen, a brand that offers valuable content shared through food blogs, social media, and events. As an elementary school eductor of 11 years and a previous college athlete, Dani puts thought and effort into what she fuels her body. DaniMade is a brand that believes home cooking is a fundamental foundation to building a healthier lifestyle!

Here are some of her favorite, most popular recipes:

(All ingredients and directions are included in the links; Thank you Dani!)

Pasta Broccoli - A favorite of many of her students! This is a quick and easy dish that minimizes use of many pots and pans- easy clean up is always key! Like Dani said, pasta is NOT bad for you! Everything in moderation and in a balance is great.

"Grilled" Air Fried Chicken Nuggets - Chicken is a quick and easy go-to for many families. Want to switch up your typical chicken dinner? Throw it in an air-fryer for some crispiness! Healthy meditterenian inspired chicken nuggets in just 8 minutes...Hooray!

Watermelon Pops - The perfect summer snack or dessert. A great alternative to the sugary store-baught ice pops. Need an even quicker icy snack? Dani recommends to stick watermelon in the freezer- they call for a great pick-me-up and it’s super easy on a busy summer day.

Banana Oat Muffins - This recipe can act as a breakfast meal or a dessert! Who doesn’t love a muffin?! This is one of Dani’s favorites because it’s both gluten and nut-free. This is a quick recipe and a snack everyone can try!

(Q&A)Some questions I asked Dani about motivation to eat healthier:

-Why do you believe home cooked meals lead to a healthier life style? By cooking at home you are able to control everything that goes into the’re able to substitute things and make precise measurements. At a restaurant they will load your meal up with butter for example behind the scenes, while at home, you are in control of what you’re fueling your body.


-How do you encourage children to have healthier eating habits? I encourage the kids to have healthier eating habits by focusing on the concept of strength; That veggies for example will make your eyes STRONG instead of saying veggies are good for you. I also think it very important to show kids balance-yes they can have the cookie, but all in a healthy balance.



-Do you have any advice for parents on explaining healthy eating to a child? My advice for parents is to show your kids what eating healthy could look like. By doing this, you are being a role model and they will slowly pick up on your healthy eating habits. Try to make cooking fun, give them options, and with my recipes you can show them that healthy foods can be super tasty foods.


Written by Julia Kobus