Tips For Moms Wellness And Health With Good Heir

Good Heir ,owner Noelle Leon, is a wellness community that proudly provides quality organic products to meet the needs of every customer. Their products cater to many mothers looking to focus on self-care and mommy time.

Q&A with Good Heir: 

Being a mother is one of the most beautiful, trying, rewarding, stressful times of life. Maintaining our health & happiness through this stage of life is beyond important. Finding balance through yoga, meditation, and self-care is a must and should be written in the mom handbook of life lol. Whether a new mom or a vet, it is necessary to carve time out for yourself.

How can moms stay going throughout the busy day?

We at Good Heir are proud to provide natural herbal teas to keep our moms going. Our “Respect Your Elders” elderberry tea will aid in keeping your immune system strong, allowing you to keep up with your little one(s). The “Flower Power” chamomile, lavender, and rose tea are just what moms need to relax and get a good night's sleep.

Wondering what to do with your free mommy time?

Around for hundreds of years, known for their amazing health benefits are yoga and meditation. These are wonderful tools for moms. Yoga and meditation are grounding practices. It teaches deep breathing, helping with mindfulness and patience. Staying grounded is important for you and that sweet, annoying, beautiful child. It is important for many reasons; one comes to mind immediately, judgment. It is tough to make calls when your judgment is clouded due to stress, lack of sleep, irritability, feeling overwhelmed, anxiety, etc. Yoga is meditation in motion, helping you to manage stress, anxiety, and depression by recharging the mind and body. Yoga permits moms to have “me time” while stretching and strengthening the body. Understanding and raising the bar daily on how strong you are mentally and physically. 

Not sure where or how to begin your yoga journey?

We have easy-to-follow yoga sequences available at Good Heir to help get you started. Please don’t let the term yoga intimidate you. There are various modalities, and you don’t have to be flexible to practice. Yoga can be an amazing antidote. Allowing moms to really tap into all the joys of motherhood.

Life can be hectic, what’s important to keep in mind?


Self-care is so important, it is different for each individual. Your self-care should be something that brings you peace, joy, and just makes you feel good. Focusing on an activity such as yoga, gardening, reading, dancing, social interaction, etc. aid in the improvement of our mental health. By mastering your mom-life balance, you are able to take control of yourself and your psychological wellness.

Closing note:

So, throw on some good music, light a candle, put your favorite oil in your diffuser, run a therapeutic bath by adding some High Tea, and vibe out. Allowing yourself to feel energized, rested, and loved. 

Written by

Julia Kobus