Tips On The Perfect Candles For Stress Relief By JD Candle Co

Justin is a Brooklyn-born entrepreneur who moved to Baiting Hallow (Long Island, NY) to live out a quiet farm life. He works full-time as an essential worker in transportation and started candle-making in December of 2018. He happily enjoys his 2 dogs and supportive partner of 10 years. This candle guru is the oldest out of 5, and an orphan which just turned 34 on August 10th--Happy belated birthday Justin! He loves making candles and the calming aroma they produce. 

1) How does a candle help with stress?

Candles help with stress in a few ways! One of them being the soft illumination of a candle's flame, and the second way would be the aromatherapy aspect.

2) What is the best candle for stress that you can suggest from your collection? And why?

Our line of candles is infused with superior-grade fragrance oils as well as essential oils. My Favorite candle changes depending on my mood! Our variety of candles can go from mood-boosting, all the way to relieving stress, or even enhancing mental clarity. According to scientific research, the healing properties coming from a lighted scented candle can deliver psychological effects.

3) Which is the coziest candle?

People find aromatherapy candles calming and cozy because they emit a pleasant and soothing scent. Our blood orange-scented candle is very versatile in being able to lift a mood or reduce stress.

4) How do you think candles can be a mood changer?

Yes, absolutely! The fragrances and essential oils we utilize in our scents are superior-grade and phthalate-free creating the perfect candle for your home. The aroma of our candles set the mood! JD Candle is constantly growing and learning every day and we are so excited for what the future holds for us. With the fall and winter season approaching its full steam ahead, and many amazing fall scents!

5) What made you start your company?

I always loved candles and the ambiance they would create, but at times, I would find myself battling a headache shortly after. So it was at that moment that I ventured out to find out what we're in the candles that were giving me such headaches. To my knowledge, I found that I was burning petroleum-based candles with lead wicks and low-grade fragrance oils. For a year I tested many candles to see if the candles that I would create would give me that same side effect and to my surprise, they didn’t! I gave a few of my friends and family members some candles to test for their feedback and their response was, “ these are amazing.” So in the winter of 2018, I made a post that I was going to start making candles and how excited I was for everyone to try them. The day that I launched my business we sold out within hours…

written by Julia Kobus